Wacey James: 21 Months

Disclaimer: Bub needs a haircut, I know–we’re going today! Also, he’s wearing his pajamas. But I love his Beatle hair and sweatpants and I never want to forget how crazy his hair is. 




Age: 21 Months
Representative Song of the Month: Literally anything. This kid is a dancing machine!
Stats: I think he weighs around 27 lbs, and he’s definitely gotten taller in the last few months because he can now reach and climb things that were too high up before! He is in 24 month/2T clothes, and wears a size 5 shoe.
Favorite Foods: We’re in kind of a food rut over here—sickness plus weird schedules plus maybe a tooth plus general toddler-ness means we’re in a smoothie/peanut butter anything/tortellini/graham cracker phase. His favorite food hands-down, though, is chicken lo mein!

Words/Sounds: I swear he’s going to be talking full sentences like, tomorrow. Okay, not tomorrow, but it’s amazing how much he’s learned. He’s now got “Dad” and “Mama” pretty perfect, and “dog” is now discernible to everyone, not just us. He’s added “Horse,” “Asa,” Yay!” “Hi,” “Yes!” and “No.” He also has very different sounds for each animal he knows now (horse, cow, dog, cat, kitty (they’re different!), and goat), plus he can sing and say “I Love You” and it is the most adorablest thing ever.
Favorite Activities: Dad. Dad is his favorite activity.
Favorite Things: Anything with wheels, horses, buckets, livestock flags, balls, dirt, rocks, Tupperware, sticks, and books. His two favorite books are the Big Blue Truck Leads the Way and Cowboy Small and you can tell—they’ve both been gorilla-taped within an inch of their lives.
Least Favorite Activities: Doing things he doesn’t want to do, or not being allowed to do things he’d like to. He sure wishes he could play in the trash can and the dirty dishwasher, let me tell you.
Signature Moves:  Oh boy oh boy this kid is funnier every minute. You can pretty much get him to do anything, but his kisses are the very best. He’s in a big snuggle phase, which I love, and is all about dancing and running around and holding hands.
New Skills this Month: He’s really gotten the hang of a fork, and obeying simple commands like “Please bring me your shoes,” or “Lay down so I can change your diaper!” The flip side of that is that when he’s short on sleep or otherwise pretty cranky, he’ll flat-out ignore you and do exactly the opposite of what you requested. He’s also gotten great with signing “Thank you!!” and we’re working on asking for help instead of fussing, and helping clean up messes. He’s just growing growing growing and I can’t even stand it but actually I can because it’s so so so great.


Wacey James: 18 months


Age: 18 months (give or take a couple weeks, yeah yeah)
Representative Song of the Month: Any theme song from any movie or TV show because he’ll dance to all of them.

Stats: At his 18 month checkup, his stats were almost exactly the same as his 15-month. Like, really—he gained a quarter pound and grew half an inch. BUT, his feet grew a size and he now has two and a half molars and an additional front tooth, so I’d say we’re even.
Favorite Foods: Pretty much the same as last time, with the addition of spaghetti and smoothies. Chicken lo mein still wins as his favorite food, though, with all fruit and peanut butter crackers as a close second.

Words/Sounds: More and more! He’s got his own versions of “bath” and “gross,” (which is for when he digs something disgusting out of his mouth and wants me to hold it), and yells “YAY!!” allll the time and it’s great. He’s learned the signs for “more,” “please,” “thank you,” and “help.”

Favorite Activities: Again, pretty much the same as last time, with the addition of climbing and playing on our bed. He’s in a MAJOR Daddy phase right now, so anything Bert is doing, he wants to do too.
Favorite Things: Tupperware, plastic cups, anything with wheels, ropes, basically the kitchen. You know. He did ride a little kid powerwheels four-wheeler thingy at Mimi & Grumpy’s house this weekend, and it was so cute and he had so much fun that we’ve already decided Santa is going to bring him one.

Least Favorite Activities: Watching Bert leave without him, and not being allowed to go to the barn alone.  Also when we pull him off the arm of the couch because he’s about to jump off and smash his head on the end table. You know. He also hates getting his hair cut, hence the pretty awesome mullet-toupee he’s got going on.
Signature Moves:  He now waves at everyone and anyone no matter where we are (if I had a dollar for every time someone told me how cute he is I’d have a much larger grocery budget), and just really lays it on thick. He’s also learned how to nod his head, but he uses most of his torso to do so and it’s HILARIOUS. His dance moves are also progressing nicely, if I do say so myself.

New Skills this Month: He’s gotten great at sign language, and has started to climb and build things. He’s gotten great with a fork at dinnertime, and is learning how to put on shoes. Basically, he’s just learning and learning and getting better at everything every day. He’s also figured out how to give “kisses” and it’s really the best thing in the entire world, even if he slips out a tongue every now and then and basically licks you. Ah, well😉


17 Months


Age: 17 months
Representative Song of the Month: A combination of “Splish Splash” and the sound the Roadrunner makes in all the Looney Tunes shows. He loves the water, and never, ever stops moving!
Stats: Wacey grown more than three inches since we last checked in, and he weighs at least 26 pounds. He’s into size four (almost five!) shoes, and 18-24 month/2T shirts and pants. He’s already lost most of his baby fat rolls, though, much to my chagrin, but he’s a lean mean running machine, so I can hardly complain, because running babies and bouncy cheeks are pretty awesome and funny.

Favorite Foods: This kid is a garbage disposal. All berries, cherries, peaches…okay, maybe all fruit! He loves noodles or tortellini with marinara, fried rice, chicken lo mein, peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, yogurt, every cracker ever, popsicles, quesedillas, sometimes broccoli, cheese (particularly sharp cheddar), granola bars, turkey, hot dogs, carne asada, anything with soy sauce…so many things! He’s still not super hot on veggies, but we’re working on it! He also loves tasting ice cream, coffee, juice, and donuts, but that doesn’t happen much😉
Words/Sounds: Oh man, he never stops! In addition to his previous repertoire, he can say “yes,” “no,” “shoes,” and we’re working on “bath.” Bert taught him the signs for “more” and “all done” and I’m working on “please” and “thank you.” He also says “Mama” and makes a funny gurgling noise that means cat, and has various kinds of yells that mean hey and hi and is anyone there? It’s great. The pediatrician said that he’d really start talking around this age, and she really wasn’t kidding!

Favorite Activities: He LOVES being outside. We got him a water table and he spends tons of time dumping water from the table into various receptacles (as pictured), and exploring and picking up rocks from the driveway. He loves to pet the dogs and the horses, and go on “nature walks” aka “pick up every rock ever” down the driveway. He’s gotten much more independent in terms of playing, but he also really loves for us to chase him and scare him and read him books. He also loves to “rope” with Bert and check things out at the barn and pens.
Favorite Things: He still loves all of his toys, but he’s into playing outside more than playing inside, so he really likes cups and buckets and sticks and ropes at the moment. OH AND FLYSWATTERS. He’s obsessed, has his own, and brings it everywhere.
Least Favorite Activities: Being restrained, doing things he doesn’t want to do, being hungry (this is one HANGRY child, let me tell you) and teething, if that’s an activity. He’s getting a little more defiant, which is to be expected, but gosh he’s still so great. It doesn’t hurt that he’s still an absolute champ in the sleep department. If I could guarantee every kid we had would sleep this well and be this good-natured, we’d have another one already. Maybe.
Signature Moves:  He has tons of moves! He loves to dance, and spin, and bring things to show you. He things he’s pretty hot stuff since he figured out how to hold onto the side of his crib and bounce on his mattress. He’s also big into mimicry and doing whatever you’re doing, and is really getting the hang of simple directions. He’s also the biggest cheese you’ve ever seen, and can’t stop won’t stop hamming it up in public (and at home) ALL THE TIME.
New Skills this Month: Thanks to Mimi, he’s officially done with bottles! After about a week-long milk strike, he now drinks exclusively out of straw tumblers (go figure), but not the spill-proof kind (go figure). We’re working on drinking out of cups and I don’t think he’ll have too much trouble picking that up when he’s ready. He really listens, and is obviously absorbing SO much. He’s able to eat bigger chunks of food, harder things like crackers, and is getting more adventurous with food (and everything else!). His dexterity has really taken off, too, and his balance has really improved. Basically, our little baby has turned into a little boy!

Again: oh, this kid. He might throw little tantrums or get frustrated and yell, but he’s also so sweet and silly. He’s learned to give “kisses” and it is the cutest. I love being his mother, and while I miss when he was a tiny snuggly baby, he’s turning into this little human and it’s so, so fun. Also, I seem to have no trouble getting in my steps on my Fitbit every day because he just moves, moves, moves.

Wacey James: 14 Months

I know I didn’t post 13 months. So, I’m making up for it by posting scads of pictures with this update🙂

DSC_1007Age: 14 months
Representative Song of the Month: “Going Up The Country” by Canned Heat, flute solo included. This boy is on the move, y’all, but he’s also a little unexpected, like that little flute ditty.DSC_1017
Stats: Oh man this boy. I think he’s about 25 pounds, and he’s in 18-month and 24-month/2T clothes, and he’s grown at least an inch since his one-year checkup, I swear. He’s still rocking itty-bitty shoes—like size three or size two and a half—but I *think* his feet starting to grow a little bit. We’ll know his exact stats at his 15-month checkup. I had to buy another bin for all of his outgrown clothes, though, so I know he’s getting bigger!DSC_0979
Favorite Foods: Blueberries. Give him all the blueberries. And chicken lo mein—give him all of that, too!  You can even mix it together. If you could throw in some shredded cheese on top, that would be great.DSC_0975 Words/Sounds: He says “dog,” “dad,” and “moo.” We’re working on the fact that not all animals are dogs and that dogs and cows both aren’t moo-ers, but let’s get real, it’s pretty cute.
Favorite Activities: Looking at books, playing with his barn and his ball and pretty much every toy ever, tearing around upstairs with his walker especially through Mom Leg Tunnels, playing outside, watching the dogs be silly, going to work with dad and getting to sit facing front in the front seat of the pickup while they cake cows…and practicing his walking!DSC_0984
Favorite Things: Not much has changed here, he still loves his Little People barn/tractor, balls, blocks, walker, and light-up ring stacker, although as far as he’s concerned, it’s No Toy Left Behind around here. He also still loves his Wubbanubs, which I’m not fighting until he’s older, and he’s started to get interested in coloring, which is great except he literally eats the crayons. I got him some twisty crayons today, so I hope that will decrease some of the Crayola consumption. Also, if it has a wheel, he loves it.
Least Favorite Activities:  Being tired. Also having to nap when he doesn’t feel like it. And when you shut a door to a room where he thinks he needs to go, and when you don’t let him lick the toilet seat, or when you make him hold still and not touch his poopy hiney when he’s getting a diaper change. He hates that! It’s a hard life, being a baby.
Signature Moves:  He can clap, dance, sing, stretch, shake his head, and thump on his chest and grunt like Matthew McConaughey in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” It’s adorable and hilarious! He also likes to fake laugh, and still loves growling into anything and everything. He imitates facial expressions, so we have a grand time making him pull funny faces.
New Skills this Month: Ladies and gents, we have a walker! In the last week or two, he’s really started to get the hang of it, and is starting to prefer walking over crawling downstairs where it’s soft. We’re still working on hard surfaces, but he is doing so well! It’s pretty awesome. He walks with his hands up by his ears a la Tevye in the barn hay loft part of “If I Were A Rich Man” and it’s amazing. He’s has also really gotten good at his fine motor skills—especially when eating—and has five (almost six!) teeth!
DSC_0986Oh this kid. We’re on haircut number three, and we still can’t get him to understand sippy cups, but man he’s great. We took these pictures at the playground today, which is a new activity that he enjoys since he’s bigger, and he’s started to give hugs and I can’t even.

He’s the greatest little kid, which probably means our next child will be a non-sleeping hellion, but hey, it takes all kinds of kinds, right? Right.

Wacey James: 11 Months


Age: 11 months+13 days because I’m a slacker (HOW. HIS BIRTHDAY IS NOW LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AWAY. WHAT.)
Representative Song of the Month: “Movin on Up.” Yes, like the Jeffersons theme. He’s moving and grooving and now has a deluxe downstairs baby play haven. He’s standing, walking with his push walker, playing with his slide, and just moving moving moving. On up.

Stats: Oh boy, he’s grown! We think he weighs between 22-23 pounds, but he’s gotten so much taller (longer?)!!! Pants that I had to cuff a month ago are long enough now, and his 12-month onesies are thisclose to needing extenders. He’s in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers and size 2 baby shoes.

DSC_0741Favorite Foods: We’re trying SO hard to get him on the solid food train. He’s close! For breakfast, he likes whole grain blueberry waffles, apple cereal bars, or puffs and yogurt dots. Lunch is whatever I’m having, but usually chicken breast and fruit—pears are a fave—or turkey and whole-wheat bread. For dinner, it’s a deconstructed version of what we’re having, minus the spice. He still drinks “too much” formula every day, but I don’t really care. Four bottles is ridiculous for him at this point, we’ll get there. DSC_0751

Words/Sounds: Oh Wacey my loud child. He’s gotten the hang of mamamama and the growling has reached an entirely new level. He screams, yells, makes funny noises, and sort of sings and it’s literally the cutest.
Favorite Activities: We have an official crawler! He loves playing downstairs now that it’s all cleaned up and Wacey-proof. He likes doors, and his baby gate, and playing with all his toys but specifically a barn that my parents got him for Christmas and a walker that Bert’s parents got him for Christmas. He loves to imitate us, and sing, and stand up on things, and put absolutely everything in his mouth. He also loves to crawl up the stairs, it makes him laugh so hard! My SIL also gave us a little slide that he loves to crawl around and hang on. He’s learning about crawling through things and it’s wonderful.
Favorite Things: The barn and his walkers, ear tags, wipes boxes, blocks, slide, and things that aren’t toys that he’s not really allowed to play with like his baby gate and doors . AND BOOKS! He LOVES books. His bibliophile momma is so happy. Oh and power cords. Those are like, his fave. Too bad for him that we live in an anti-electrocution household. And paper. But we also live in an anti-choking-on-paper household, so there’s that.
Least Favorite Activities:  Naptime, being hungry, not getting to play with pro-electrocution/strangulation toys.

Signature Moves: Oh my gosh he’s learned so many new things! He laughs and laughs all the time. He loves to come and see what we’re doing all the time (you should see the smudges on my computer!) and play with allllll his toys. He sings and yells and talks constantly, and is always on the move. He gets the biggest kick out of having someone on the floor with him, he can’t even handle it, and he loves to be picked up and dance and sing and be silly in general. He also laughs SO hard when he gets “scared,” and can’t even handle climbing the stairs. And he’s started this new thing where he reads in his carseat and OMG. He just keeps getting Wacier and Wacier and I loooooove it!

New Skills this Month: We’re in the imitation stage and it’s hilarious. He claps, waves, makes funny faces, sings and dances (waves his arms around) when Bert does funny dances (aka the Chicken Noodle Soup dance. Google it. With a soda on the side), plays peek-a-boo, climbs the stairs, crawls for reals, and is so close to standing on his own. He feeds himself all his meals, and he’s getting pretty good with a sippy cup—just water though, because he gets surprised with stuff comes out and then he spits it everywhere. He’s SO silly and happy. We have hit a cranky stage though, since little bro has SIX teeth coming in. He’s currently cutting his left lateral incisor ONLY. As in next stop, Snaggle Tooth City. I sort of can’t wait! Maybe that one tooth will help him eat more things.


Don’t forget about the new ranchy blog over t www.townandcowcountry.blogspot.com. Again, I love suggestions!

Wacey James: Ten Months!


Age: 10 months
Representative Song of the Month: “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.” We’re waiting for his top two to appear! He’s trying so hard to chew things.

Stats: Wacey has definitely grown this month—pants that fit him last month are starting to get a little tight and short. He’s also moved up to a size four in diapers.
Favorite Foods: If it’s in puree form, he’ll eat it. If it’s a puff, he’ll eat it. If it’s a teething biscuit, he’ll eat it. If it’s not food, he’ll eat it. If it’s real human food, he’ll lick it, make a face, shake his head…and not eat it.

Words/Sounds: He still says dadadadada all the time, and a sound that sounds like hi. He’ll imitate sounds if you make them first, too. Plus he growls into things like jars, measuring cups, and wrapping paper rolls and it’s really excellent entertainment.
Favorite Activities: Crawl/dragging himself everywhere, cruising around the house in his walker, playing in the bath, and laying under the Christmas tree touching the ornaments.

Favorite Things: Wrapping paper tubes, Christmas ornaments, electrical cords that he knows he can’t have, coasters, keys, and his parsley flakes jar.
Least Favorite Activities:  Naptime, falling down, being “ignored,” being hungry.

Signature Moves: Wiggling all over the place, smiling and being silly, making this hilarious goofy scrunchy face if you make it first, laughing at literally everything. He’s gotten really giggly this month, and it’s so funny! He also talks to himself for a while when he wakes up, and it’s the best.
New Skills this Month: Oh man, we seem to be on a roll. He can now sit up from laying down or being on his tummy, he actually puts puffs in his mouth and eats them, and we caught him standing up in his crib last weekend! I got so excited that I hollered for Bert and he came running. And then we lowered his mattress, haha. He can also wave hello and goodbye, and shake his head no. SO CUTE. Babies are just the best.


Ten months! I’ll have to start planning his birthday party soon! We’re going to enjoy his first Christmas, first, of course. It’s so hard to not give him his presents early because he’s going to love them! Time has FLOWN. I think once we sort of got into a groove and his naps became somewhat predictable, it’s made things way easy.

That being said, I’m pretty sure he’s in a growth spurt because he’s been waking up at night to eat—the night before last was the first night he’s woken up as much as he did when he was a newborn since he was, well, a newborn; he drank three bottles and it was so weird! I’m hoping it’s a growth spurt + top teeth combo and that it will be over soon.

That being said, it’s 9:00 pm and I can barely keep my eyes open.

The new blog is in its baby stages over at www.townandcowcountry.blogspot.com. Again, I love suggestions! The hardest part is thinking of things to write (and then posting in a timely manner)! Thank you and goodnight.

Wacey James: NINE MONTHS?!

jeans and boots color

Age: 9 months.
Representative Song of the Month: The Bonanza theme, because every time you sing it, Wacey goes crazy (our friend Jena discovered/created this affinity while we were in Montana). It’s awesome.
wacey grass sideways
Stats: My little chunky monkey weighed in at 21 lbs, 5.5 ounces, and over 27 inches long. He wiggled a lot, but they think he’s about in the 75th percentile for everything,  maybe  a little bigger for his head. Lots of hair, that boy😉 He’s between size 3 and 4 in diapers, 12-18 months in clothes, and is always missing his left sock.
Favorite Foods: Everything that we put in his mouth, although he still shows a small preference for apples and squash. He is also way into those weird teething biscuits. They’re pretty gross and messy, but he’s learning how to actually bite and chew them, so that’s a plus.
seated smiling in a box
Words/Sounds: He growls, and it’s silly.
Favorite Activities: Army crawling/dragging himself everywhere and getting into things he shouldn’t, eating aforementioned biscuits, being a part of things, and baths.
I got grass
Favorite Things: An empty parsley flakes bottle, my ancient blackberry (he loves our phones so now he has his own), and basically anything he shouldn’t have.
Least Favorite Activities:  Naptime, and when you walk past him without picking him up, even if he’s actually really enjoying himself.
Signature Moves: Wiggling/army crawling/dragging himself with one arm all over the house, growling into various receptacles (aforementioned empty parsley flakes bottle, measuring cups, bottle lids, you name it), talking to himself in his crib in the morning.
New Skills this Month: He’s really perfected his unique mode of transportation, and he’s started to get the hang of feeding himself and actually chewing on his food.  I’m hoping for some more teeth soon so he has a few more options as far as food goes. The doctor said it looks like his top two will make an entrance soon, so keep your fingers crossed!

laying on tummy

Oh Wacey. I can’t believe it’s been nine months! I cannot wait to do the holidays with him! We’re already planning his (small but awesome) list of presents, I have a couple of baby-involved Christmas crafts on my to-do list, and we’re going to hit up Zoolights one night. We’ll probably skip pictures with Santa (I know, I know), because he’s nine months old, and I don’t want to wait in line for that business. We’ll play at home instead🙂

Working on the blog! Thank you to those of you that helped me pick out a blog design—I still don’t know which one to pick, but you narrowed down the field a lot! I can’t wait to get it going. I’m thinking I might invest in Photoshop Elements and make my own logo, though—to have someone else make something that jives with what I’m trying to do would be in the hundreds of dollars, and you know what they say, if you want a job done right (and cheaper), you should just do it yourself. I may have added the part about cheaper. But for serious. It’s coming. Before Christmas.

IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS FOR POSTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ, OR ANYTHING YOU MIGHT FIND INTERESTING, LET ME KNOW. Please!!!! You guys (as mostly my family and close friends) know me the best and have the best ideas. It takes a village, y’all!

On another note, the pictures in this post were all taken by my friend and photographer extraordinaire,Thea, and aren’t they awesome! And yes, I’ve already ordered Christmas cards and will be sending them as soon as it’s acceptable, aka the day after Thanksgiving.

Wacey James: 8 Months

DSC_1331Age: 8 months, 11 days.
Representative Song of the Month: I asked Bert what his song of the month should be, and he’s asked “Is there a song about pooping your pants 40 times a day?” No, I don’t think there is. “What about one called Too Fat to Crawl?” No, but we should write that one!

Stats: 20 pounds, 8 oz, and I’m betting he’s an inch or two longer than his 6-month length. He’s wearing almost exclusively twelve month clothes (nine month onesies with extenders are still going strong, though), and eighteen month jackets. He is a size two in shoes, ish.


Favorite Foods: Honeycrisp apples and squash, for sure. Solid food’s still not doing it for him. I’ve also started giving him oatmeal cereal mixed with fruit puree in the morning, and that’s a big hit.
Words/Sounds: He’s expanded his repertoire to include a sound that sounds like “HEY!” and it’s pretty funny. He also growls a lot.

Favorite Activities: The floor is where it’s at right now! He still loves his exersaucer, but spends most of his time sitting/rolling around on the floor. He sort of does a pushup-type thing, but no crawling yet. I dump out his toy basket at the office, and he just goes for it.
Favorite Things: Toys and trash (aka cardboard boxes, wrappers, and Starbucks paper bags), and he discovered tissue paper and tiny plastic to-go containers yesterday.




Least Favorite Activities: Holding still, being hungry, feeling ignored, the usual. He also gets frustrated when something is juuuuuuuust out of reach.
Signature Moves: He wiggles around when he gets excited, and the fake cough is still going strong. He also has a new hilarious face (see below), and loves blowing bubbles. He’s into rolling EVERYWHERE, surprisingly fast, and like most babies, makes a bee-line for exactly what he’s not allowed to touch and then gets mad when it’s taken away. Ah, the trials and tribulations of infancy. He also enjoys removing his socks, particularly the left one.


New Skills this Month: Teeth aren’t exactly a skill, but he has two of them! His bottom two started coming out a few weeks ago, and now are fully-fledged teeth. He’s also getting really good at picking up small items, holding them with two fingers and passing from hand-to-hand. I think his fine motor skills are developing a little faster (or maybe at the expensive of) crawling, but that’s fine with me, and I don’t blame him. He’s started to get leaner, but that body of his is just not made for forward motion. Lateral motion, though, is his niche.


Also new this month: his first real haircut! It was pretty hilarious. We’re glad he’s not rocking The Donald any more, though🙂

He’s great, this little kid. He has been feeling a little under the weather this past week, and so he gave me a little run for my money with some cranky spells, but I still think we’re pretty lucky. He’s going to be stuck in the barn three days this week, though, so I’m crossing my fingers that he gets back to feeling better and doesn’t hate me too much for that many hours in the barn in one week. On the bright side, we’ll be done with most of the fall work this week, which is glorious. I plan on getting caught up in the office and then getting some house projects done (I’m looking at you, downstairs), and getting ready for the HOLIDAYS! Yes, I’m already thinking about that glorious time and can’t wait until I have a little extra time to do some fun projects.


On another note, I have started a new, official-er blog. It’s www.townandcowcountry.blogger.com. I’m still going to keep this one rolling for family, but I’m going to password-protect it. The password will be Wacey2015, shoot me a text or an email at Cassidy.a.johnston@gmail.com if you forget it. I’ll wait a week or two before I stick the password on, though!

Wacey James: Seven Months

We took his pictures en diaper (that’s French for “in a diaper”) this month because I wanted photographic evidence of his rolls and belly. We opted to not stick a “7 Months” sticker to his belly, hope you’ll forgive us.

DSC_1105 (2)

Age: 7 months and one week because I’m a procrastinator.
Representative Song of the Month: The “Rawhide” theme. You know, “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, rawhide! Keep those doggies movin’, rawhide! Us being the doggies and Wacey doing the rollin’.

DSC_1133 (2)
Stats: 19½ pounds, and he’s definitely gotten longer because he’s hovering in the land of 9-month onesies fitting justright (as long as his diaper isn’t full) and 12-month onesies being a little too big.
Favorite Foods: So far, we’ve tried everything green (hates them all), carrots, sweet potatoes (loves), squash (loves), pears, peaches and various degrees of applesauce. His favorite by FAR is Beechnut’s Just Honeycrisp Apples (is anyone surprised by this? I ate at least one a day when I was pregnant with him) and I can’t wait for apple season so I can make some of my own!!

DSC_1097 (2)
Words/Sounds: He’s still saying dadadadadada, but now says it in varying degrees of loud, soft, and squeaky and it’s really cute. He also sort of sings to himself in this tiny, high-pitched voice and it’s hilarious.

DSC_1123 (2)
Favorite Activities: LOVES his exersaucer, and I mean LOVES. I think being able to touch the bottom and bounce around helps J I found a used one for the barn/office since we’re going to be in the barn so much in the next six weeks, and I didn’t want to have to keep cleaning the bottom of his home one. He’s also all about being outside, and really likes to roll around on his floor.

DSC_1099 (2)
Favorite Things: He’s really into toys right now! I try and keep a few in constant rotation so he doesn’t get bored. Chewing on things is his #1 priority, so I’m always trying to find things for him to chew on. Ear tags (new of course) were a big hit at the barn last week, so I’ll keep that one on the back burner. He also loves chip bags and candy bar wrappers more than most toys, which is hilarious and great. I bet he’ll be a box kid.
Least Favorite Activities: Holding still, being hungry, feeling ignored, the usual.
Signature Moves: He’s officially an ambi-roller, so he likes to roll and roll and roll. He also laughs like a crazy baby when the dogs run around, and likes to grab faces/mustaches/hair. Also he’s really cute and hilarious.

DSC_1103 (2)
New Skills this Month: He’s really gotten the hang of rolling around, and while he isn’t crawling yet, he’s very resourceful when he sees something that he wants that’s out of reach. He’ll use a combination of scooting, rolling, army-crawling and grunting to get what he needs. He also sat in the kid part of the grocery cart today because I didn’t have my Ergo. He did a good job, but we’ll probably stick with the Ergo for major shopping trips—I still have to watch him because sometimes he’ll fall over, and he likes to try and chew on the shopping cart. Ick.

Also: overalls happened. Don’t worry, we have them in three different sizes.


Wacey’s such a goofball! We’ve had an odd month, with a stomach bug and some major fussiness, but he’s still such a happy baby. We’re waiting on teeth—he’s been chewing on things and drooling nonstop for a couple months now, though, and no teeth in sight. I had a lot of fun shopping for some new clothes for him, since he’s growing out of a lot of his clothes. We got jeans, sweaters, socks, button-down onesies…whoever said that shopping for boys isn’t fun has never been to Oshkosh or Carter’s.


We’re making a short trip to Montana to look at some bulls in a couple weeks, so we’ll be taking Wace on an airplane! It’s a short flight, not even an hour and a half, so it’s perfect for his first flight. Not to mention that Bert and I have never been on a plane together! It definitely beats the 10-12 hour car ride. He’ll have been to four states: Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Montana. Told you he keeps us movin’!

Also: I know I haven’t been posting much, but part of that is due to another blog project I’m working on! I’m hoping to roll out my first post this month. I’ll keep this blog as a private space to share about Wacey and personal stuff, though🙂

Wacey James: Six Months

I know I’m a week overdue with this post, but I kept forgetting to take his pictures, and I helped put on a baby shower for my SIL this weekend–my multitasking skills aren’t what they used to be! I’m also working on a new blog–a REAL one. I can’t wait to roll it out. I might make this one private to share more about Wacey with friends and family, though. I’ll let you know when I roll out the new one🙂 Town and Cow Country 2.0?

DSC_1081 (2)

Age: 6 months.
Representative Song of the Month: “Are there any songs about screaming?” I don’t know.
Stats: 19 lbs, and in the 75th percentile for height and weight. I knew there was a reason all of his onesies smaller than 9 months were too short! Thank goodness for onesie extenders. He’s into size three diapers, and has rolls for days. I don’t know why, but I never thought I’d have a big baby so I’m tickled that he’s such a roly poly.

DSC_1085 (2)
Favorite Foods: Still sucks down his oatmeal bottle every night! So far, for purees we’ve tried peas, green beans,sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and pears. Sweet potatoes, squash and pears are his fave. The other two he just tolerated, but he still ate them. He doesn’t like wonton strips, pieces of croissant or rice, haha. I did give him a little taste of a peach yesterday, though, and he went crazy for it. The pediatrician gave us the go-ahead for trying allthefoods, though, so I’m so excited! Hopefully he’ll find something he’s as enthusiastic about as sweet potatoes and peaches.
Words/Sounds: He’s added (ear-splitting) screaming to his noise repertoire, but is starting to make a lot more word-like sounds. He can say “Dadadadadada” and something that sounds suspiciously like “hey!” and it’s the best ever.

DSC_1080 (2)
Favorite Activities: Wacey still loves his toys and his swing, but he’s about to reach the weight limit on his swing so that’s sad. He’s starting to like exersaucer-type things, and his Mimi and Grumpy got him a jumper that we can’t wait to try out! Mostly, though, he just likes to be with us.
Favorite Things: He likes all of his toys, and still loves to chew on washcloths and, well everything. He is also obsessed with Gaucho—every time he sees him he just laughs and laughs. He also loves to watch the chickens run around the yard and listen to them cluck.
Least Favorite Activities: Holding still, being hungry, being ignored. He’s also a major roller but gets frustrated if he gets stuck—he wants to crawl so badly!

DSC_1082 (2)
Signature Moves: Waving his arms around all the time, rolling to his tummy from his back almost the second you put him down, and laughing laughing laughing. Oh and puking with toys in his mouth and rubbing it all over his face. And smiling. All the time, at everything. He’s also started to let us know that he’s done with his bottle by picking up his pacifier and putting it in his mouth when you take the bottle out.
New Skills this Month: He is much more dexterous, and is constantly reaching for things. Like any other baby, though, said things go right to his mouth so we have to keep an eye on him. He can sit up pretty well, still wobbly from side-to-side, but he’s getting the hang of it. He also rolls from back to front very well, and sometimes will just keep rolling and rolling like a little log. He’s not an ambi-roller, though. One direction, only. Does this mean the band One Direction are also not ambi-rollers? And…*drumroll*…he sleeps in his own crib! The first week or two weren’t completely smooth sailing, but we figured out that he was probably cold, so now he sleeps in footies and it’s really helped! He will usually sleep all the way through, but he likes to wake up at 5:00 and come sleep with us until 6:30 or 7:00. I know it’s not a good habit, but he’s just so sweet, and he won’t be this small forever, and he LOVES sleeping in a big bed. He grabs one of my fingers and one hand and one of Bert’s in the other and it’s the sweetest thing in the world. The proof’s in the pudding:

sleeping (2)

We look at each other every day and wonder how we got such a happy, easy-going baby! We can take him anywhere, do anything, and he’s usually very good. I mean, he’s a baby, so he does cry and get cranky and get a little stranger anxiety (like when I went to the bathroom at the county fair and he had an absolute MELTDOWN—sorry Bolejacks and Thea!). We went to a grad party a couple of months ago, and a lovely British lady said “What a jolly little chap! Children are such a joy.” The British always have a knack for saying exactly the right thing.